Italy - Interesting places in Italy that has a lot of uniqueness. If you are interested, try to choose and should be visited:

1. Colosseum
City of Rome, majestic buildings 'Colosseum' is never used in the film 'Gladiator'.

2. Pompeii
Pompeii is considered as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Naples, Italy.

3. Vatican City

The Vatican is the city's most famous Roman Catholic in the world. There's Apostolic Palace which is home to the Pope.

4. Tower of Pisa
One of the seven wonders of the world which is equipped with a tower height (55.86 meters) and bell. The tower was built sideways since 1173.

Gondola Boat Trip in Venice
Exciting entertainment, a visit to the Grand Canal in Venice. Many boat gondola there with two music players and singers. Venice is a city that has the feel of a romantic in the world.


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