Lose Weight with Potatoes

Losing weight with potatoes, according to research. "In an effort to lose weight, it does not mean avoiding certain foods. Instead, we reduce the amount of calories," said Britt Burton-Freeman, University of California, are like quoted from the Medical Daily.

"There is no evidence that potatoes, when consumed in moderation, contribute to weight gain. In fact, potatoes can even become part of a weight-loss program," he added.

The researchers studied 86 men and women who are overweight for 12 weeks to measure the effect of glycemic index diet modification, which reduces the calories by the addition of potatoes.

Participants were divided into three groups. Each group underwent a diet that includes five to seven servings of potatoes per week. Results showed all three groups lost weight.

One medium-sized potato contains 110 calories per serving, contains potassium (620 grams) and vitamin C.


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