The plan at the "Glee" season 3, Ryan Murphy will present a song from Cheryl Cole, "Parachute".

"Glee" third season will air around the fall. Coinciding with Cheryl's first appearance as a juror in "The X Factor (U.S.)". Ryan really loved the track taken from debut album Cheryl, "3 Words" (2009).

"This will make the dream come true Cheryl. 'Glee' was one of the biggest television event in America, you can not buy publicity like that," said a source, quoted by The Sun. "This news will convince the leadership of 'The X Factor (U.S.)' to announce Cheryl appearance on the show. If Cheryl appeared in the second event is a way to make it famous."

Lea Michele and Jane Lynch opened the secret behind the prom night through the episode "Prom Queen", May 10. According to Jane, the side draw from in this episode is there will be entertainment offerings from New Direction.

"I prefer this episode!" Lea said, quoted E! Online. "Everything that I could not get in this life is a real prom night. I have to really play my role in this episode."


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