Natasha Bedingfield anxiously awaited lover, Pierre Bouvier, who did not come. Meanwhile, Pierre Bouvier also impatiently waiting for the plane. He wants to immediately meet with Natasha.

"Jet Lag" tells about the deep longing. Strong vocal quality Natasha managed to make pop-punk song wing is so full of appreciation.

"Jet Leg is one of my favorite songs on this album and it sounds so great," said Pierre Bouvier. "For the first time we had a duet with female vocalist. Natasha Bedingfield sings the song and sounds pretty amazing. She's got outstanding sound quality and overall she can master the song with his vocal abilities. Both women (Natasha and Marie) will also be involved in the making the video. "

Launched simpleplan.com, "Jet Lag" will be one song mainstay of the new album, "Get Your Heart On!". The plan, to be released around June 21 the United States.

Simple Plan - "Jet Lag" ft. Natasha Bedingfield (Official Video) You can free download from YouTube:


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