John Wayne Gacy was a rapist and murderer at least 33 Adolescent boys in 1972-1978. He is also known as the "Killer Clown" because he liked to make a party for friends and neighbors, as well as entertaining children in a clown costume and dress up as "Pogo The Clown". He was throwing some of his victim's body in the Des Plaines River, burying 26 of his victims in a small space under the basement of his home and three more in the rest of the house.

John Wayne Gacy, Jr. was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was the second child of three brothers. His father named John Wayne Gacy, Sr. and mother named Marion Elaine.

His father was an alcoholic and physically abusive toward his wife and children. Gacy himself was often beaten by his father with a belt. He also often ridiculed by his father with a called a "sissy", "stupid" and "mama's boy".

Gacy back in the adventure as a serial killer. The basement of his house soon became a mass grave, Gacy is overwhelmed and then throw the bodies into the nearest river. Police began to suspect him, checking criminal records and began to believe that Gacy was the perpetrator. Police then checked his home and found the terrible facts, namely in temukannya 27 bodies who are victims of Gacy.

The trial began on January 6, 1980 in Chicago and relatives of victims to give evidence. There are 60 witnesses in the trial. A psychologist says he is schizophrenic and insane when he committed the murder, but he was convicted and sentenced to death. He eventually was executed by lethal injection on May 9, 1994. Gacy's house was destroyed after his death. Land cleared and although attempts were made to plant grass, but do not grow and remain muddy.


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