Lady GaGa is present at MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2011 in Tokyo June 23. GAGA admitted grieving over the events of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan.

"I'm always inspired when it comes to Japan," says GaGa in tears, told Daily Mail. "I was inspired by the spirit, passion, love and joy that plagued course in Tokyo."

GaGa urge the world community take care about the suffering of victims in Japan. In addition, GaGa convinced that Japan has now recovered and is safe to visit.

"No problem here. Japan is very beautiful," says GaGa. "The most important thing and the best at this time, we can do for Japan is to boost tourism. I will use my position at this time and my time in Tokyo to enjoy a beautiful city and kiss all the Little Monsters and shouted for everyone to come visit this beautiful place. "

At a press conference, GaGa awarded Okiagari-kobosh Japanese doll which is a lucky talisman and a symbol of perseverance and joy.


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