Hairdo is suddenly damaged by rain or windy weather, making a mess mood. Fortunately, there are a number of tips and tricks that can be done to protect hair from weather changes:

Rain can damage the hair even the most powerful in all libas. Keep hair out of wax or gel on a drizzly day, because the hair will be flat and sticky when exposed to rain or moisture droplets. Instead, select a lightweight styling spray that leaves no residue or buildup.

Hair emergency equipment could also be useful. Keep a small bag in your bag that contains a mini brush, hair tie, and tongs. If at any time wet hair, you can instantly look chic and attractive again. Simple chignon hairdo formed just above the neck by using a hair tie and pin. Display also automatically look more elegant.

When the temperature rises sharply, the best way to ward off sun damage is to select products such as moisturizing hair mask hair while showering, and styling cream before you step into the heat.

In addition, keep all catokan amid scorching weather. Women tend to straighten the hair and too often impose an unnatural style. Love the natural texture of your hair and try natural style on hot days.

Moisture could be the biggest enemy in order to maintain the hair. Apply a little silicone serum to coat and protect the ends of hair so as not branched and tangled. Flatten using a wide toothed comb, then dry the hair with a hair dryer set low. The best hair styles to ward off moisture is braided, coiled or clipped to keep the hair strands in order with moist air trapping.

As little as any silicone products can form a buildup on the scalp. Therefore, use a clarifying shampoo Wash or apple cider vinegar occasionally to maintain freshness.


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