Feud that happened between Rebecca Black and Ark Music Factory is still ongoing. A spokeswoman Rebecca issued a notification letter (Take Down Notice) through YouTube to appeal to the circulation of the "Friday" music video.

However, the video is re-circulated on YouTube. Reported by Gossip Cop, music video, "Friday (Director's Cut)" is uploaded via VEVO. The video is not much different from previous video versions.

Meanwhile, Ark Music Factory was accused of violating copyrights because renting music video for "Friday" for $ 2.99. It object to the allegations and claimed that they did not break the rules.

"We were disappointed after negotiating with Rebecca Black and his spokesman are fine in a few months is related to the outstanding issues," said a spokesman Ark Music Factory, by E! Online. "It's still ongoing, open dialogue with these companies. We were very surprised to get a notification letter (Take Down Notice) regarding allegations of copyright infringement that is sent by spokeswoman Rebecca via e-mail."

According to Ark Music Factory, it had won permission from Rebecca Black as the copyright owner to use the music video. But, they must still respond to a complaint on the issue.

Rebecca Black - "Friday" Director's Cut Version Music Video:


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