The gestation period is a time of trouble, especially with the attack of morning sickness and a variety of disorders that interfere with baby condition.

Makes it more difficult is the weight gain. Looking at some of Hollywood celebrities who also is pregnant, how do they keep the body in order to remain an ideal and fit?

1. Halle Berry and Jessica Alba
Both actresses are trying a program called '321 Baby Gone Budge be 'the weight control program created by Hollywood fitness trainer Ramona Braganza. This is an expensive diet program because it was specifically designed to provide nutrition for mothers and babies. The program is somewhat similar to the South Beach Diet because it also focuses on low glycemic carbohydrate intake and excessive consumption of vegetables coupled with protein.

2. Catherine Zeta Jones
Catherine Zeta-Jones is pregnant appeared primed for Oscar-winning film, Chicago? Watching an 8-month pregnant actress swinging in the middle of the stage with confidence certainly improve the image of pregnant women by making statements that are pregnant, fat, and proud!

3. Penelope Cruz
She was pregnant while shooting for the Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Penelope Cruz never looked thin. Cruz has undergone weight loss solution. "I love dancing and ballet and boring for me to go to the gym," he said. In addition to dancing, other fitness routines, including, yoga, cardio, and pilates.

4. Angelina Jolie
After expecting her first child continues with twins, Angelina Jolie does not look experienced weight gain. He ate only what is necessary for the twins and to ensure that they get all the nutrients it needs. Pregnancy diet, low carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, milk, tea, water, and fish.


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