Amy Winehouse dies at 27

Amy Winehouse died at the age of 27 years. Amy found the medical emergency services officers in an apartment in London on July 23. Amy Cause of death is still unknown.

She was involved alcohol and drug addiction. Although in rehab, Amy still does not succeed in stopping the addiction. Consequently, it affects the career.

At a concert in St. Lucia, Amy says dirty and left the concert. She also had a car accident because of the influence of drugs. In some concerts Amy often appeared drunk, often dropping the mic and forgot the lyrics. As a result, in June last, Amy cancel the concert in Serbia.

Amy Winehouse 'Rehab' official Music Video:


Big Boi "Tears Dry on Their Own" Remix Version for Amy Winehouse said...

Amy Winehouse death news makes the singers, musicians and fans around the world mourned.

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