Amy Winehouse proves that she is a talented singer who has a major contribution in the music world. People closest to witness Amy, Amy had returned to the studio to record new songs.

In the last three years after the release of second album, "Back to Black" (2006), Amy has reportedly completed a new song. A spokesman from the record label Universal said that Amy had finished about 12 songs. However, the family, management and record labels are still undecided.

"Amy has demonstrated her desire to return to the recording studio. After consulting with several people, they consider it a positive decision," the source said. "She has completed some of the songs even more than expected."

Amy Winehouse also had asked the leadership of Universal, Lucian Grainge, to listen to the tapes. "Frankly, they are very enthusiastic at that time. We listened to the tapes and Amy's voice sounds very typical," he continued.

People closest to the management believes that the songs enough to serve more than one album. "Amy is also a writer. She was always writing songs. Amy had a recording studio in his house and she also creates music. The last time she seemed to sing while playing his drums," said a source.

In an interview in July 2010, Amy Winehouse once gave a statement about his third album. Amy Winehouse said that the album will be available in January of this year, but apparently did not materialize.


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