Youngest son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, Christopher Sargent Shriver, has been discharged from hospital. Maria admitted relieved with the news.

"Christopher has been discharged from hospital last night (July 25)," said Maria on Twitter. "It was a relief to know he'll be fine. Thank you for hope and prayers all of you. The whole family, especially Christopher felt love you."

"I'd be very grateful for the services of doctors, nurses and hospital staff in the ICU who have helped my son," continued Maria. "We are very lucky. Many patients and families we met had to wait a long time and without any clarity. I pray for their healing."

"Thank you for your support all of the Christopher. That means a lot to me and him. He soon recovered and we will come back with full force," said Arnold.

Christopher admitted after an accident that occurred on the coast of Malibu. He suffered wounds in the lungs and broke the ribs. Maria and Arnold give full attention during Christopher treated.


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