She's one of the hottest reality stars on the planet, and Audrina Patridge put her good looks on display for the August 2011 issue of FHM.

The 26-year-old brunette beauty graces the cover of the men's magazine donning a snug white one-piece swimsuit while licking a lollipop and sipping a soda in a few of the inside spread's too-hot shots.

As for the interview, Miss Patridge spoke about her love of her tummy, while also touching on the most absurd rumor she's heard about herself along with pickup lines that don't work.

Highlights from Audrina's interview with FHM are as follows:

On her favorite part of her body:

"Definitely my stomach. When I was little I had a good, athletic stomach and then I made my high school swim team and it got better from there."

On something true that people don't know about her:

"I love laughing at myself. If I mess up or do something stupid I laugh at myself and I think that's what everyone should do. Oh, and when I was younger I wanted to be a psychologist."

On advice for those trying to make it in Hollywood:

"You can't give up because it is very competitive and you will have more disappointments than you can imagine."

On the best rumor she's read about herself:

"I did laugh when people started gossiping about my new boyfriend the other week. The paparazzi had taken some shots of me having lunch with my brother Marky and made a story out of it. That's how ridiculous things can get."

On the best way to pick her up on the beach:

"I'm not sure; it is easier to tell you what doesn't work. Asking me for a picture 'for your wife' is transparent and lame and so are most lines. The worst I've ever heard was: 'If you were a door I'd slam you all night long.' That wasn't funny. It was rude and it certainly wasn't successful." [Source: celebrity-gossip.net]


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