Denise Richards says: Charlie Sheen personality while still married. According to Denise, Charlie Sheen had no violent behavior as it is today.

"We have been divorced for over six years and there is no reason why the couple can get divorced," she said on "Fox & Friends" TV FOX. "Many people ask, 'How can you marry Charlie?" and other things. But I fell in love with someone who is different from what everyone saw and knew. "

Although never a fight with Charlie. Denise supports Charlie. He believes Chalie will regain its footing.

"He's in fine condition," he said. "I often talk to him, he and I were in a good place. I feel happy because he got a new event. I think if someone could come back, that's Charlie."

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen were married June 15, 2002. Four years later, they were officially divorced in November 2006.


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