After being spotted together at Monte Carlo a few weeks ago, Leonardo Dicaprio and Gossip Girl star Blake Lively have been rumored to be dating. Despite Dicaprio’s famous reputation for his playboy ways and unwilingness to settle down, it seems Dicaprio and Lively are living together.

So Feminine reports that Dicaprio and Lively are living together at Dicaprio’s mansion in Los Angeles. This comes amidst gossip that the Dicaprio and Lively sightings in Monte Carlo amounted to nothing more than a fling and the two had recently split. However, a source close to Blakely told Now magazine that, “she left him in Cannes with models all over him and let him get on with it while she went off on a cooking holiday to Paris and totally ignored him. She didn’t call and pretended she didn’t care, which just intrigued him even more. She kept him at arm’s length until he couldn’t take it anymore.” [Source: haveuheard.net]


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