"Drive" trailer starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, outstanding.

Trailer begins with Ryan, who became a thief driver. It became a job at night and Ryan also serves as stuntmant.

Seeing Ryan's extraordinary talent, making Shannon (Bryan Cranston) wants to make as a professional racer. He brought Ryan to the richest man to want to become investors.

"Drive" is also coupled with scenes of romance between Irene (Carey) and Ryan. At the end of the trailer, seen Ryan trying to nail someone's head with a hammer.

"Drive" is directed by director Nicolas Winding Refn Hossein Amini's script. The film is scheduled for release in Amerikaa on September 16, starring Albert Brooks (Bernie Rose), Oscar Isaac (Standard Guzman), Ron Perlman (Nino) and Kaden Leos (Benicio).

"Drive" Official Trailer:


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