Khloe Kardashian just blogged some pictures she took from the 4th of July weekend!

“My mom had a BBQ and pool party just for us family and a few close friends. As you can see from all of these photos, my sisters and I love to do photo shoots, and clearly I only know one face — the kissy face LOL,” Khlo blogged.

“The other girls in the pics are Spencer and Maddy, who I’m sure you know by now are Kendall and Kylie’s besties since birth and they’re also sisters. How cute is that?? The four of them are inseparable. I absolutely die for the pics of them messing with my mom while she’s passed out. Kris CANNOT handle the heat plus a drink LOL. I love that the girls are turning into me hehe.”

Click through the gallery above to look at the hilarious pics. Looking good girls! Fabulous summer glow you have started. [Source: celebuzz.com]


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