Getting married is healthy, especially for women. Recent studies have found that married men get faster medical care when he gets a heart attack. Compared with single men, divorced, widowed, or living apart.

Dr Clare Atzema, from Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) monitoring data of 4403 patients in Ontario, Canada, who suffered a heart attack. The median age is 67.3 years and 33.7% women.

Quoted by the Daily Mail (19/07/2011), 46.3% of patients able to go to the hospital in just over two hours, while 73.6% arrived within 6 hours. Those who are married, 75.3% went to the hospital within 6 hours during the first chest pain. Single parents only 67.9% are able to hospitals, while 68.5% of their divorce.

Marital status of women is not related to how quickly to seek treatment after suffering a heart attack.

Researchers assume that women are more likely to take the role as caregiver and care of their partners to seek treatment more quickly.

With the marriage, they will have a lower risk of cardiovascular death than those who are single, the researchers said. The findings appear in Canadian Medical Association Journal in July 2011.


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