It is being reported that the wandering lady garden of Megan Fox bad touched Shia LaBeouf for a whole six months while they were filming together. And, it’s further alleged it’s ruining Megan’s marriage.

Backing up a little, for clarity and because someone needs to hoover under our feet, their tryst first began on the set of Alien Robots Smash Things.

In case you missed it, Transformers actor Shia LaBeouf revealed that he played hide the salami with up and coming actress Megan Fox.

The whole internet was ablaze with questions about whether or not she was still dating Brian Austin Green, at the time, whom she eventually married.

Shia dropped the hookup bomb on the planet at the end of last month for his spread in Details magazine. After that, it was revealed that Megan didn’t actually cheat on Brian with Shia, but in fact, they were on a break.

So now that the cat is out of the bag, we’re hearing that Megan is miffed that Shia can’t keep his big mouth shut. Reportedly, Megan and Brian are fighting to save their marriage and it may just cost them Shia’s friendship.

It would appear, at the behest of director Michael Bay, the 20-somethings pretended to fancy each other and that turned into sleeping together.

So, Michael’s the king of our robot overlords and a pimp.

The guy who may or may not be a pimp pushed them together and somewhere in there everyone forgot she had a boyfriend. Maybe. No one seems to be sure. Asked whether he was the other man in a relationship that’s now spanned six years, he stuttered and gave a blithe, non-committal retort.

In all likelihood, Fox was on a Ross and Rachel break in which sleepovers were allowed as long as there’s no kissing. So, that was what she did. And Shia blabbed because he’s no gentleman.

Megan’s not really talking to the press about this. However, multiple, excitable sources are speaking on her behalf. And they’re emoting all over the place.

OK! Magazine reports that Megan and Brian are desperately trying to save their marriage. “He has really upset Megan and Brian,” a close source explains.

“They went through an incredibly rocky period when she and Shia were filming Transofmers: Revenge of the Fallen…having Shia run his mouth now and brag about sleeping with Megan is awful for them.” Though was it really cheating? “…technically [Megan] didn’t do anything wrong since they were on break. [Still], they are so angry at Shia.” [Source: newstime.co.za]


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