Warner Bros. Pictures released "New Year's Eve" trailer. This romantic comedy enlivened a number of famous stars such as Josh Duhamel, Halle Berry and Zac Efron.

"New Year's Eve" tells a few pairs of lovers who pass through New Year's Eve with their own story. Zac and Michelle Pfeiffer chose the stage for fun, but Michelle actually tied to a rope.

"New Year's Eve" directed by Garry Marshall. This movie supported Ashton Kutcher (Randy), Jessica Biel (Tess), Jake T. Austin (Seth), Jon Bon Jovi (Jensen), Robert De Niro (Harry), Katherine Heigl (Laura Carrington), Seth Meyers (Griffin), Lea Michele (Elise) and Alyssa Milano (Melanie Cambridge). "New Year's Eve" is scheduled for release in America on December 9.

Watch "New Year's Eve" Official Movie Trailer:


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