Toronto: Robert Pattinson has got a new hairdo. The actor was snapped sporting a patchy haircut while signing autographs and taking pictures with fans in Toronto.

He may be 25, but it looks like the twilight hunk Robert, is suffering from a thinning thatch where his signature mop of hair once was.

In Toronto, Canada, after finishing the shooting of his new movie "Cosmopolis" the bare patches on actor's head were clear for all to see as he signed autograph for fans. But this look was for his lead role in "Cosmopolis" during which the character Robert plays spends the entire time on celluloid riding around Manhattan in a limo in search for a decent haircut.

The actor's latest hairstyle, as well as his apparent baldness, means that fans will be in for a long wait if they want to see the return of his famously shabby longer style.

This haircut isn't decent, but it is also only one of many that have shown up on Robert Pattinson's famous head in recent weeks. [Source: allvoices.com]


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