This week on results night for “So You Think You Can Dance”, two more dancers will got home; but instead of the bottom three, it will be a bottom two. On last night’s performance night, the All Stars made a return to the dance floor. One All Star made two appearances on the stage – Pasha performed an Argentine Tango with Caitlynn and later returned for a Viennese Waltz with Melanie.

The night kicked off with the top 10 performing to “On Broadway”.

Melanie, Tadd, and Mitchell were the first dancers to learn their results and Mitchell is the first dancer to be in the bottom four. Melanie and Tadd were safe to dance another week.

The next three dancers – Sasha, Clarice, and Marko – learned their results. Clarice joined Mitchell in the bottom; but Sasha and Marko were safe.

The All Stars that will be partnering the dancers next week are Ivan, Jaimie, Any, Pasha, Ade, Neil, Lauren G, and last season’s winner Lauren F.

The last four dancers – Caitlynn, Jordan, Jess, and Ricky – learned which two dancers would round out this week’s bottom four. Jordan and Ricky were the last two dancers in the bottom four; leaving Caitlynn and Jess safe for another week.

The first guest performance of the night came from American Ballet Theatre dancer Damille Simpkin who performed a solo to “Jacques Bral”.

The top 10 made a visit to the Gatorade Sports Institute to get tested with the same tests given to star athletes. And the dancer’s results were equivalent to those of professional athletes.

Clarice, Mitchell, Jordan, and Ricky all performed their solos.

While the judges deliberated on which dancers would be eliminated, making their American debut Blush performed with special guest Snoop Dogg.

The decision for the girls was unanimous but Clarice was eliminated and she was joined by Mitchell. Jordan and Ricky are safe for another week. As the show moves forward, good dancers will be eliminated as they move toward the winner of the $250,000 prize.

Next week Lady Gaga joins the judging panel as a celebrity guest judge. [Source: allvoices.com]


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