“So You Think You Can Dance”, the 14 dancers performed a group routine by Nakul, guest musical performances, and the seven couples learned which three of them were in the bottom after the fan vote.

Pussy Cat Doll Carmen Electra was a member of the judging panel during the performance show, but was not a part of the panel on results night.

The first couples to learn their results was Melanie and Marko who was the first couple on the dance floor during Wednesday’s performances and Caitlynn and Mitchell who closed out the competition performances. Both couples were safe.

Three more couples lean their results when Ashley and Chris, Clarice and Jess, and Jordan and Tadd took the stage. Only Clarice and Jess were safe; Ashley and Chris and Jordan and Tadd were the first two couples in the bottom three.

The last two couples Ryan and Ricky, and Sasha and Alexander learned which one of them was the last couple in the bottom three. Sasha and Alexander were safe, but after glowing reviews on performance night Ryan and Ricky was the last couple in the bottom three.

The first guest performance of the night came from the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet when five members took to the dance floor.

After Ashley, Chris, Jordan, Tadd, Ryan, and Ricky all performed their solos while the judge’s deliberated as to who would stay and who would go the British group Florence and the Machine performed “Cosmic Love

After remarking on all the beautiful girls on the show, head judge Nigel Lythgoe told the dancers that they need to up their game and show the judges more sides of them. After speaking to each of the girls, Nigel announced that the girl dancer going home was Ashley.

Then it was the guy’s turn, and Nigel revealed that Chris was the guy eliminated from the competition. With the elimination of Ashley and Chris the six couples remain in tact.

With only one more week before the top 10, all of the eliminated dancers have been a couple, but once the top 10 is reached the couples will be broken up. [Source: allvoices.com]


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