Activity behind the scenes seems to make Angelina Jolie hooked. Brad Pitt's girlfriend claimed that he enjoyed his debut as a director in the Bosnian war-themed film, "In the Land of Blood and Honey".

"I never felt part of a team like the time," said Angelina recounted his experience as a director. "After all it was the best experience I ever had."

In addition, the cast film "The Tourist," it also reveals the Bosnian war as a reason for choosing the theme of the movie. Angelina said that she wanted to learn a lot from the war.

"I feel there are many things I do not know about it (the Bosnian war)," added Angelina. "I feel that the war is something that is important for us to talk and learn."

Angelina also expressed his wish that might sound strange to some people. 36-year-old actress wanted to become a movie director themed funeral.

"I know it sounds weird, eccentric and dark to be done, but the fact I lost my grandfather and his funeral was very sad," said Angelina. "If my career in acting is not going well, I guess I'll do it."

The mother of six children was also a very emotional when told of his mother who had died in 2007. "I'll never become a mother as well as he," Angelina said in tears.

Currently, Angelina is involved in several new filmmaking. He will serve as Queen of Egypt in the movie "Cleopatra". In addition, Angelina also got an offer to play as a volunteer Iraq in the movie "Gertrude Bell".


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