After a much anticipated, BoA finally released the music video for "Milestone". Video taken from BoA's debut single DVD exclusively aired Monday, November 21, on MTV Japan.

At the beginning of the video, BofA told was playing the keys in a room containing several chairs. BofA then come out and take a walk down the streets of New York, describes the relaxed life lived BofA.

Single released on DVD was released to celebrate 10 years of BoA's career in the Japanese music industry. In addition to containing the clip "Milestone", the DVD also contains a video documentary BofA for 10 years career in the State Sakura. Last year, BoA celebrates 10 years of his career in South Korea.

DVD single "Milestone" was released 7 December. After that BofA will hold a Christmas concert for two consecutive days on December 10 to 11 at Tokyo International Forum Hall.

Since its debut in Japan starting from 2001, BofA has spawned a total of seven albums, three compilation albums and two remix albums. While in South Korea, BoA has pocketed a total of nine albums and one English-language album, "BoA" (2009).


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