Still remember the character of female chefs Seo Yoo-kyung in the series "Pasta" (2010)? Now the actor Yoo-kyung, Gong Hyo Jin, will re-decorate the glass screens Korea through his role as a cameo in the serial "Ramyun Flower Shop Boy's".

Although the production of the series is still keeping the character of Hyo Jin, but his involvement in "Boys Ramyun Flower Shop" has been confirmed. Hyo Jin will join Hong Jeon Se became a guest star in the series in late November.

If the character has not been announced Hyo Jin, then another case with Hong Se. Starring serial "Still Marry Me" (2010) it will portray the character of an antagonist as a woman who tried to disrupt the main character, Lee Chung Ah.

"Ramyun Flower Shop Boy's" tells the romantic story that occurred in a stall ramyun. The stall owner was a high school student who is still young. But he has a handsome employees in managing it. The love story rolled between them.

In addition to Lee Chung Ah, the series that got high ratings in Korea is also played by Jung Il Woo ("My Fair Lady" -2009). "Ramyun Flower Shop Boy's" directed by film director Jung Hwa Jung worked on several successful series including the popular "Full House" (2004) and "Coffee House" (2010). The series is made ​​in 16 episodes and aired on the station TVN, Korea.


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