After long-awaited fans, eventually the series "Dream High 2" to announce the name of the main character. Some time ago, the production of the series revealed that they were not going to wear the cast "Dream High" (2011) in the sequel. Now, they realize the plan.

The lucky actress get a role is none other than T-ara member of the girlband, Jiyeon. Jiyeon will follow Park Jin Young who previously had confirmed his involvement in "Dream High 2".

"After reading the synopsis of 'Dream High 2', I wanted to be part of this drama. That's why I definitely do my best for this project," said Jiyeon. "Before too late, I wanted to portray the character of hard-working student who reminded me of my training period. I'll give you the best."

The management of T-ara Jiyeon also provide a statement of certainty to join the series. "Jiyeon met with the producers last week and they discussed his role and storyline 'Dream High 2'. After discussing the details, he was immediately willing to accept that role," said Jiyeon management representatives.

Later, "Dream High 2" will be made more musical than the first series. In addition, the director is also more focused on singing and dancing in the series.

Previous series, "Dream High", a successful young stars namely Korea Taecyeon 2PM, Suzy miss A and IU. But unfortunately, they would not be involved again in the sequel. "Dream High 2" self-produced and Keyeast JYP Entertainment and is scheduled for release in January 2012.


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