Kara has just won a pretty prestigious award in the event the Best Dressed Awards 2011. At the awards event that was held Wednesday, November 30, in Japan they have managed to come out as winners in the category of 'International Artist with Best Clothing'. Best Dressed Awards 2011 initiated by the Japan Fashion Association, which acts as an observer of the fashion world.

Kara victory in this event at the same time set a new record. In 2004, a senior actor Bae Yong Joon had won the same award. Thus Kara managed to revive the glory of the Hallyu Wave in the field of Japanese fashion after being extinguished seven years.

Unfortunately, Han Seung Yeon and Kang Ji Young could not be present to receive trophy because of clashes with other schedules. Practical Kara were represented by Park Gyuri, Goo Hara and Nicole.

Best Dressed Awards was first held in 1972. Already many Japanese artists who have won this award such as Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki, Ken Hirai and others. Meanwhile, Kara second Japanese album, "Super Girl", which was released Nov. 23 succeeded in occupying the position of the Oricon weekly chart with total sales of 275,206 copies.


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