Lee Hyori is a South Korean artists are concerned with the protection and animal welfare. Hyori recently donated money of 100 million won to support organizations engaged in animal protection, The Animal Freedom Union.

November 28, then Hyori attended the event organized by the organization and submit contributions. Later, the money will be used to build a treatment center that injured animals as a result of torture.

Hyori came to the show with her ​​beloved cat, Soonsimi. The new beautiful singer admitted going out with producer Lee Sang Soon it also had a dialogue with 130 participants while the event.

Naturally, if Hyori poured money into this organization. The reason, they plan to build the animal care center by using his name, "Lee Hyo Ri abused Service Center for Animals".

Currently, the treatment center injured animals in the region Haedang-dong is full so can not accommodate more new animals. To overcome that difficulty, the organization has held a campaign start in June. The campaign managed to collect about 70 percent of the total funds needed.


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