The title "Arjuna who are looking for love" deserves attached to the singer, MC and actor Lee Seung Gi. Behind the handsome face and cool, Seung Gi has often turned out to love with the opposite sex. It is admitted when appearing on SBS entertainment show, "One Night of TV Entertainment" some time ago.

Seung Gi did not hesitate to tell his love of adventure. When asked how many times the courtship, Seung Gi replied with confidence, "So far I have been going out two times". However, when MC got the mickey a little dating experience, Seung Gi feel "pride" as a man disturbed and immediately rectify the answer. "To be honest, I must confess never went up ten times to date," said Seung Gi laughter that greeted the MC.

When given the question "when I first saw her, what do you notice?" by MC, born January 13, 1987 the actor replied, "face". "Her face must be pretty," said Seung Gi.

In addition to telling the story affair, Seung Gi also reveals ups and downs of his career as an artist. "I feel karismaku as a singer when he was on stage," said Seung Gi. "Only the soloists who can stand on stage alone. Acting appeal communication. Shown (as MC) on variety shows requires cooperation. But if singing, charisma we came alone."


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