Samsung has released its newest product Note Galaxy in his hometown of Seoul, South Korea, yesterday, Monday (28 November). In fact, this smartphone was first circulated in Indonesia since 12 November.

Samsung's mobile chief, Shin Jong-Kyun, said the company has its own reasons why the new release of the Galaxy Notes on the State Ginseng. Note the launch of the Galaxy in the Korean market to coincide with Christmas and welcome the holiday season shopping season.

"Galaxy Note is a new type of intelligent devices," said Shin Jong-Kyun. "It will provide a new experience for its users."

However, the Galaxy Note for Korean society is more exclusive than those circulating in the country. From the outside view is no different, but Samsung uses a different processor.
This is expressed by a Samsung executive who declined to be named. "For global consumers, Galaxy Note uses 1.4GHz dual-core processor from Samsung Exynos. But for local consumers, processors used is from Qualcomm," said the executive was quoted as saying KoreaTimes. This was done to meet user demand will be a device that supports telecommunications technology 4th generation (4G) LTE, which is currently used all the major operators in South Korea. Qualcomm processor used has been 3G and 4G support in the same chip.


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