Samsung is not desperate to be able to remain competitive with Apple in the tablet market Germany. South Korea-based company that claims to have made ​​modifications to their tablet computer, Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The Samsung confessed to how to prevent blocking in Germany over rival Apple's demands. Samsung did a redesign of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and changed its name to Galaxy Tab 10.1N. Tablets such revisions will go on sale this week.

"Galaxy Tab Tablet 10.1N is a modification of the original tablet Galaxy Tab 10.1, has a metal frame that is different," said a spokesman for Samsung. "In addition, the location of his speakers have also been changed. We modify this to break from Apple's claims."

Last December, a court in Germany has issued a decision to ban the sale of the Galaxy there. The decision was a continuation of the demands that alleges Apple Samsung has cheated on the technology of their products are iPad and iPhone.

Besides in Germany, Apple has also banned the sale of some Samsung products in Australia Netherlands. California-based company is now planning to try to block the sale of Samsung products in the United States.

In return, Samsung is also preparing a lawsuit to prohibit the sale of the iPhone 4S in Australia, Japan, France and Italy. Samsung claims that Apple has violated the wireless patent.


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