Wednesday, November 16, photograph one of the personnel miss A, Bae Suzy, with out make-up widely circulated on the internet. The photo was taken the morning after waking up Suzy, so there isn't a contact of polish makeup on her face.

In the photo it seems like Suzy had just washed her face. Suzy smooth pores and skin is still shining within the morning make a lot of envy netter. They seemed to not believe Suzy has such beautiful skin naturally.

"College students right this moment are wearing makeup. But Suzy is an artist, had a variety of pictures without makeup. This can be a image after washing face," commented a fan. "I wish to have lovely skin like that. It's beautiful."

Suzy is at the moment busy filming the middle selection present "Invincible Youth 2". He joined as a member of the G8 team.


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