50 Cent seems to think that Lindsay Lohan is not much better than strippers. The singer's real name is Curtis James Jackson III sarcastic Lindsay amount of money received for posing nude in Playboy magazine issue of January / February.

"If you paid $ 1 million to pose nude, it's just as strippers every day. Even if you are paid millions of dollars if it will change your status?" said the singer was black. "Does that not sound the same even if you're a celebrity and get paid millions of dollars? Or is it different from socially? Is it so different because the amount of money?"

Until now 50 Cent is claimed to have seen photos of the actress who plays the movie "I Know Who Killed Me" is. In the adult magazine cover Lindsay's private parts covered only by a seat-shaped head Playboy rabbit mascot.

"I have not seen it." 50 Cent said when met at the backstage show "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute". "But I always imagined how the shape of Lindsay's private area. I'll make sure tomorrow and see what happens."


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