An educational message about the dangers of drug use presented in a movie called "X The Last Moment". Unlike the story of other movies about drugs, in Cinema Media Prima film production is accompanied by an animation about the dangers of drug use.

"Most films about drug users being precisely described the fly. It can actually be bad, because the message is received by the audience is an invitation to use drugs," said Executive Producer of "X The Last Moment", Tri Bayu Aribowo, when the Premier in Epicentrum XXI, Kuningan South Jakarta, Monday (12/05/2011).

Bayu added, in "X The Last Moment" just the opposite. "With the animated dangers of drug use, is expected to provide a deterrent effect for drug users," he added.

In addition, the film director Bambi Martantio which began airing in theaters December 8, 2011 is the perfect watched by the parents. Because of research done this production house, parents generally do not realize that his son was a drug user.

"X The Last Moment" is about friendship fifth son of man since childhood. Dido (Keith Foo), Ikang (Mike Lucock), Ijul (Ikang Eldest), Anung (Ridho Boer) and Anga (Rocky Jeff). They reunited in situations and circumstances far different. Currently they are in a state of abundant material, but instead in a hollow soul. Inversely proportional to their little lives when it is full of simplicity but has the ideals and happiness.

13 years ago, they've vowed to meet again, but this time they met in a vicious cycle of drugs. Five of them trying to look normal and hide their involvement with drugs. But they also mask open, so Ikang the new airport has become aware that drug couriers Ikang Ijul was during this time.

Five meeting even this small companions became dark and they returned respectively.


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