Again, Choi Siwon good looks made ​​him appear in foreign magazines. Siwon recently put in a magazine cover Latin America, Tu. Tu, which means "you", is one of the teen magazines are selling well in Latin America. The magazine also featured celebrity entertainment news from local and internationally renowned.

In this magazine, Siwon called as an artist who has the sexiest body among South Korean men. The magazine even called it "Hottest Boys" on the cover page.

This shows the popularity of Super Junior has penetrated Latin America, as well as K-pop invasion proves there. Siwon himself admitted he was surprised because it appeared in teen magazines.

Through Twitter, he wrote his admiration for the Super Junior fans in Latin America. "It was great! I've never even been there (Latin America)," tweet Siwon. "Thanks to ELF beloved in Latin America! Cheers."


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