Relationships Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux started getting the green light from parents Jennifer. Recently Jennifer's father, John Aniston, issued a positive comment on the prospective son, Justin.

Actor American serial "Days of Our Lives" is even called Justin as a friendly man. He also thinks Jennifer and Justin are a handsome couple.

"He's a charming young man. I think they are a great couple," John told U.S. Weekly while attending an event in Los Angeles. "My wife and I always spend time with them, whenever we can."

In addition, the former wife of Brad Pitt has also recently introduced to Justin's cousin. He was a document named Louis Theroux, who also feel comfortable with them.

"Jennifer looked so radiant and seemed happy," said a source. "It makes them have fun and they all looked comfortable and fits directly with each other. Justin looks proud of Jen and it looks pretty manly and protective."

After the divorce from Brad, Jennifer love to be adventurous. He recorded once dated actor Vince Vaughn and singer John Mayer.


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