Although still not given birth, but Jessica Simpson admitted to having a hunch that the baby was a girl that they contain. It is expressed to PEOPLE while attending the launching of the brand clothing made ​​with her sister, Ashlee Simpson, in New York.

"I think she (baby) girl," said Jessica. "But I still do not know for sure, anyway".

While her fiance, Eric Johnson, said if the baby is the seed that has the male gender. Although have different views about the sex of their babies, but Jessica and Eric still prepared childbirth compact 31-year-old woman.

"I think baby is a boy," said Eric who met reporters during a joint in-law, Tina Simpson. "We are quite often different opinions about it (sex)."

Jessica and Eric are planning to do an ultrasound to make things more clear. Eric admitted that he had not wait to find out the gender.

"Jessica was too honest about everything, he needs to know that," said Eric. "I think he will not be able to hold a secret even to himself."

Jessica seemed to really want a baby girl. When asked about the possibility of having a baby boy, Nick Lachey's ex-wife said he would continue to dress with a cute baby clothes. "If this baby boy, I'll put it tutu (ballerina skirt)."


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