The popularity of Johnny Depp makes a handicapped woman injured. Recently, a 52-year-old disabled woman named Robyn's bodyguard Johnny Ecker reported having been rude to him while attending the Iggy Pop concert at the Palladium building, in Los Angeles last week.

Because of rough treatment, she had to go to the hospital to ensure conditions are fine. After that the new Robyn went to the police station to report the action actor's bodyguard "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" is. In its report, Robyn said if the bodyguard grabbed her wrist tightly and dragged him to the floor as he came close to Johnny over there.

As reported by TMZ, Robyn tried hard to buy expensive concert tickets to surprise her husband's birthday. He also was lucky enough to get a seat near his idol actor. Robyn and her husband enjoy the concert, but he did not intentionally close to Johnny's chair while dancing fun. Not long after, bodyguards and immediately dragged him away from the side of Johnny.

According to sources, unknown at that time Robyn was drunk with his friends the other. A police officer also said Robyn was drunk heavily when it comes to make a report.

Meanwhile, the Johnny is still difficult to be contacted. But one of Johnny's representatives said they would soon release a statement.

If the lawsuit Robyn is granted, then this is not the first time Johnny has to deal with the law. In 1994, he was never arrested because the police caught a fight in a hotel room in New York.


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