It's handsome, famous, have a high social life as well. Thursday, November 30, Lee Seung Gi make themselves available to take part in a charity event initiated by the company Chun Jung Won.

The presence of the actor, MC, singer caught the attention of other volunteers who attended that day. Together with about 150 other volunteers, helped Seung Gi packing gift box number 2011. Prizes will be given to the poor children in the city outskirts and rural areas.

Social event was titled "The more you give, the more happiness feels nice". Seung Gi's involvement in this event was immortalized and his photographs are circulating on the internet. From the photo, Seung Gi seems to be working hard with other labor.

According to company representatives Chun Jung Won, Seung Gi remain on site until the event is over. CEO of the company, Park Sung Chil, also intervene to help Seung Gi. He had praised the work ethic Seung Gi is high.


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