Real Madrid will be the arrival of special guests this weekend, Barcelona. But, despite that come are the eternal enemies, Los Blancos did not make any special preparations to face the guests.

This was revealed by the assistant coach of Madrid, Aitor Karanka, in a press conference on Friday (09/12/2011). Karanka attended the session as head coach Jose Mourinho chose to absent.

"I am here (press conference) was more than 30 times. Whatever the message delivered by the same boss and the player I am saying that we have also the same," said Karanka without going to explain the reasons for Mourinho's absence, as quoted Yahoosports.

Karanka explained, to counter Barcelona's El Clasico match at the Bernabeu on Sunday (11/12/2011) pm dawn, his team made ​​preparations as usual. There is nothing specially prepared.

"We prepare the same way for every game and everything is difficult. We must keep these jobs remain dynamic in order to get better," said Karanka on the official website of Madrid.

"Our players became more confident and, whatever happens tomorrow, the stakes remain three points. Whatever happens, the balance that we have will not change," he added.

"We know how we'll play. We know all the systems that may be used by Barca. But we will only focus on our own team, using our own system, and display our principles, which will remain the same," concluded Karanka.


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