Warner Bros.. Pictures released a poster of the four main characters in the adventure film "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island". The fourth character is Vanessa Hudgens as Kailani, Josh Hutcherson as Sean Anderson, Dwayne Johnson as Hank and Michael Caine as Sean.

Interestingly, all four characters are portrayed are experiencing a different adventure. Vanessa portrayed Tarzan-style swinging with giant bees chasing behind him. Meanwhile, Josh seemed to swim away from the giant electric eel.

Then, Dwayne or known as "The Rock", ran from the pursuit of super large monitor lizard. Lastly, Michael looks up as a giant bee flying vehicle.

"Journey 2: The Misteroius Island" tells about the adventures of Sean and his stepfather, Hank, who sought his grandfather who disappeared on a mysterious island. They then hired a helicopter owned by Luiz Guzman and her daughter, Kailani. After passing through a great storm, they arrived at a beautiful island inhabited by terrifying creatures.

New Line Cinema film director Brad Peyton is directed by Eric Brevig manuscript and Richard Outten. The second film of the series "Journey" is adapted from another novel written by Jules Vernes, "The Mysterious Island", and is scheduled for release in February 2012.


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