Italian Fashion Brief History

Italian Fashion Brief History - Italy and Fashion have a very unique and special relationship, and when you think about such names as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Armani, to name however just a few, it is not tough to see why. But if we glance again into the historical past of Italian Vogue, (e.g. see also the article on Nina Ricci) we begin to perceive what gave Italy such a standing in the Vogue World.

Italian Fashion Brief History - Rely Giorgini began the 'Italian Vogue' craze in 1951, when he organised a vogue present to be offered to an International audience in Florence. He then continued to current different vogue shows at his palace, presenting new collections modelled by nobilty in opposition to a backdrop of nice arts and scenery.

Italian Fashion Brief History

Italian Fashion Brief History - Nobilty would additionally mannequin new collections at museums or exhibitions next to well-known pieces of positive art. This all contributed to elevating the standing of Italian fashion, and implanting in everyone's minds that Italian trend provides you standing, may be very rich in quality,and virtually 'fairytale' like.

Italian Fashion Brief History

Italian Fashion Brief History - Within the Seventies and 1980s Milan made its mark as being the Fashion Capital of Italy, and the phrase Made in Italy grew to become universally recognised as which means 'top quality', and 'high vogue'. Immediately there are various trend commerce gala's in Milan, and it's thought-about by many to be the Vogue Capital of The World.           


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