KIM Junsu 2PM 'Father' Died at  59

KIM Junsu 2PM 'Father' Died at  59 - 2PM's Kim Junsu's father had breathed his last breath. This news was announced by Taecyeon on his Twitter account, @ taeccool, Friday, January 20. Taecyeon write tweet it in English. "Hottest in the world, please pray for Junsu," tweet Taecyeon.

KIM Junsu 2PM 'Father' Died at  59 - Junsu's father passed away Thursday, January 19, due to a heart attack at the age of 59 years. Junsu felt very sad because he could not meet with the father for the last time.

KIM Junsu 2PM 'Father' Died at  59

KIM Junsu 2PM 'Father' Died at  59 - At that Junsu received a phone call telling her father suddenly passed out. He was immediately rushed to the hospital in Daegu, Korea. But when Junsu came, the father was dead.

KIM Junsu 2PM 'Father' Died at  59 - Junsu reportedly cried all day at the funeral home. But he continued to accompanied and strengthened by his colleagues at 2PM and JYP Entertainment. Condolences were flooded his Twitter.

"Junsu oppa, be patient," consoled fans. "Junsu's very strong. Your family needs you. We join in praying for you and your family," tweet other fans.

KIM Junsu 2PM 'Father' Died at  59

KIM Junsu 2PM 'Father' Died at  59 - Personnel MBLAQ, GO, also condolences on Twitter. "I hope Junsu's father was well received in his side. Ceria was back, Junsu," tweet GO

Junsu's dad's funeral will take place on 21 January. Location of the funeral has not been determined.


Johnny said...

So sad! I hope he feel better! We love you and will support you through tough and hard times!

Anonymous said...

Junsu oppa fighting!Be strong and don`t worry he`s in a better place now.2pm, don`t let Junsu happen something bad please,take care of him!
Hottest are with you!!!

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