Chile, has stunning scenery and diverse. The country is also rich in cultural and recreational activities. When the opportunity to travel to get there, here are some suggested activities to do:

1. National Park Radal Siete Tazas
There you will see seven clear river pools carved from basalt. See the natural wonders of the Park Radal Siete Tazas with 4 pounds entrance fee. The pool would be a fun place to soak while looking at the beautiful scenery.

2. Small train ride to the beach
You will pass through villages and markets a noisy crowded by the activities of local residents. An old steam engine which already has a path that follows the river to the port of historic Maule ConstituciĆ³n. With 2 pounds of your ticket will go through a fun trip with a beautiful natural appearance.

3. Explore the vineyards
Cycling through the vineyards in the shade of bright sunshine will be a pleasant experience. With miles of paths decorated with views of hills. You can relax with a gourmet lunch at the lake. You also can follow a tour of wineries in the Maule Valley.

4. Climbing the mountains of the Andes in the path of Eagles (Condor Circuit)
Guaranteed you will not be disappointed with the view of glaciers, waterfalls and hot springs there. The climb that takes about seven days it does require stamina that fit and work hard. You can make the climb by using the map.

5. Eat a traditional barbecue Chile
For great food try to visit the Toro Bayo Restaurant in Talca (7124 7643). Asado (barbecue) Chile greatness often includes a roasted sheep meat processing. Preparations are better enjoyed in a casual dining atmosphere while drinking a bottle of wine carmenere.

6. Ride a horse around the Andes
For an authentic experience, you can ride a horse is guided huasos (cowboy) local. This activity is usually done by visiting the grasslands and beech forests in the protected forest area Altos del Lircay.

7. Exploring the beach dune
The journey through this Unimog extends as far as 18 miles. During the trip, sand dunes Putu will bring an aura like the Sahara, except landscape beside the Pacific Ocean.


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