Try walnuts. Snack will be one of the favorite activities on the sidelines of a big meal. And still maintain healthy snack of course with how to choose foods that are free of sugar, fat and excess oil.

Walnuts are safe because they do not make a quick blood sugar rise. Kim Kah Hwi, researchers from the University of Malaya revealed that the canary is useful as a cure impotence.

Walnuts contain alpha-linolenic acid are high so as to prevent the plaque in arteries. Walnuts are also able to relax blood vessels and control blood pressure because it contains an amino acid called L-arginine.

People with diabetes must take as it works to improve one cell layer that lies between the bloodstream and tissues. Research on two people with diabetes who eat nuts every day for 8 weeks showed significantly improved endothelial function.

Endothelial cells
were targeted when diabetes began to spread and invade the bloodstream, if the cell is functioning properly, the blood vessels of diabetics are protected.


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