Barcelona vs Arsenal - The win 2-1 on leg I did not make Arsenal championed to qualify for the quarterfinals.

Barca beat Arsenal 2-1 in the successful party's last 16 first leg of the Champions League. Matches are held at the Emirates Stadium, home of the Gunners.

Second leg match will be played at Camp Nou. A number of the leading betting exchanges confident Barca will win. Eurobet gambling house was just dared to give coefficient of 1.33 for the bookmakers who set up the victory for Barca. In contrast to those who intend to bet on Arsenal given coefficient 3:25.

Austria-based Bwin memfavoritkan gave Barca a coefficient 1.3. Who wants to bet for Arsenal, with coefficient 3.2.

In the UK, Ladbrokes and William Hill. Ladbrokes is headquartered in London with a coefficient 1 / 3 to the sponsor Barca and the coefficient 11 / 5 for Arsenal. William Hill are just different thin with coefficient 1 / 3 to Barca and 9 / 4 for Arsenal.

Eurobet, William Hill and Ladbrokes sponsor Lionel Messi to score solvers.

If the Arsenal players who will make a goal ahead, the bookmakers would win pretty big. The name of Arsenal players not to make too championed the opening goal was big enough so that the given coefficient.

Eurobet, which just put Cesc Fabregas in eighth position in the stock's first goal scorer, after seven players Barca.

In contrast to Ladbrokes who put the name of Robin van Persie as Arsenal players who occupy the top position in the first goalscorer betting exchanges. Striker who was surprisingly taken to the Camp Nou despite not fit it in the top six with a coefficient of 8 / 1, behind five players Barca.

Escaped into Quarterfinals Betting Exchange:

Barcelona 1:33
3:25 Arsenal

William Hill
Barcelona 1 / 3
Arsenal 9 / 4

Barcelona 1 / 3
Arsenal 11 / 5

FC Barcelona 1:30
3:20 Arsenal


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