Kilauea Hawaii Volcano Eruption - The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory said the eruption fissure was found collapsed shortly after the ground at the Pu'u O'o crater about 5 clock Saturday. As lava poured the new cracks, the "floor" of Pu'u 'O'o - the black skin cooled lava at the top of the lake of molten rock - 370 feet fell in just a few hours.

Because of these recent activities of the Volcanoes National Park was closed. No houses were damaged, but I'm sure some may be wary of what might happen next.

There were also about 150 small earthquakes were recorded within Kilauea in the past 24 hours.
A new vent opened at one of the world's most active volcanoes, sends lava to shoot up to 65 meters high, a scientist at Kilauea volcano, said Sunday.


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