BlackBerry Playbook - Tablet PCs owned by Research In Motion (RIM) is anticipated, BlackBerry Playbook, will soon be marketed in the United States and Canada on 19 April.

Straits Times launched on Tuesday (22/03/2011), RIM will sell Playbook with USD499 price and sell them through retail stores like Best Buy, Sears Canada and Wal-Mart, as well as wireless carriers like AT & T and Verizon.

Released by RIM does not mention the exact date launch. However, Best Buy claims to start accepting pre-orders for the set and will sell from 19 April.

RIM hopes Playbook, could rival Apple iPad. Canadian-based company that provides Playbook 16GB version (USD499), 32GB (USD599) and 64GB (USD699).

With a screen measuring 7 inches, which is armed with dual core processors, it seems that RIM is confident enough with the potential of Playbook. For business Playbook connection will be equipped with wifi and 3G networks.


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