Libya - Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi highly respected and praised in his country. No one dared argue with her wishes. Libyans protest in part and pressure other countries, some members of opposition groups are now daring to challenge him.

Despite being bombarded, Gaddafi remains strong. Self-confidence and arrogance also seemed to never fade. Gaddafi is not afraid of the threat the President of the United States (U.S.), Barack Obama.

This was revealed in a Gaddafi letter sent to Obama's before the U.S. fighter planes, Britain and France bombed Libya on Saturday (03/19/2011).

Gaddafi letter stating the Americans might be angry because considered as harassment. But it can also smile or even laugh. The letter was like a joke. Especially, when he called Obama as 'my son'. Here's the Gaddafi letter for Obama.

"For my son, the noble, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. I have told you before, even if Libya and the United States into one war, though God forbid, you will always remain a child. Your photo will not change."

It's 'sweet' words expressed by Gaddafi. The series of sentences that describe the formulation does not happen unless the chemical confrontation that occurred on Gaddafi's mind.

But in the letter there is a sentence whose content is more charming. As revealed earlier that Gaddafi opposition and anti-government rebels behind Libya supported the Al-Qaeda.

"Al-Qaeda is an armed organization that crosses through Algeria, Mauritania, and Mali. What do you do if you know they control the cities in the United States by force of arms? What would you do, so I can follow your example."

However, the letter received no response from Obama. Thus, Gaddafi re-write the letter. "Libya does not belong to you. Libyans to all the Libyans," writes Gaddafi.

"It's not fair, it is clear aggression, and this risk is not considered the consequences for the Mediterranean and Europe. You'll regret it if you take steps to intervene in the internal relations."

Apparently writing a second letter describes the huge disappointment for the actions of the U.S. government. Colonel Gaddafi called Obama with 'my son' in his letter as an expression of kinship. But what may make, 'said the sweet' Gaddafi has not been enough to shake Obama's hearts. Instead an unexpected answer.

U.S. sends warplanes to even give a warning to Gaddafi that continues to slaughter its own people.


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